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Search Engine Marketing Service


We provide automated end-to-end Google Adwords campaign management service using our proprietary in-house developed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) software for e-commerce companies. Our tool can generate, classify and deploy millions of keywords and manage bids on Google Adwords.

SEM Tool Workflow
Optimized bidding > better return on marketing spend > higher profit.
Better keywords > better targeting > more qualified traffic.
Scale: ability to manage millions of keywords and thousands of ads.
System deployed on secure Amazon AWS cloud.

Most companies focus on Adwords campaigns with head keywords. For example, a “red dress” or a “blue shirt” are considered head keywords. The competition for head keywords is high and often leads to high bids. Due to the high bids and correspondingly high cost per click, the return on marketing spend is low and leads to cash burn.

Long tail keywords have the ability to generate website traffic at a low cost per click and high return on marketing spend.For example, “red cotton dress” or “plain red polyester shirt” are considered as long tail keywords. Companies are losing on significant Adwords traffic without long tail keywords. Each long tail keyword might generate small amount of traffic but collectively millions of long tail keywords generate huge amount of traffic.

However, deploying and managing long tail keywords manually is not feasible. Our SEM tool has the ability to generate millions of long tail keywords, classify them into the right campaign and adgroup and then deploy the keywords along with the campaign, adgroup and ads on Google Adwords. Once the keywords are deployed, the tool will periodically adjust the bids depending on performance of the keywords to ensure high return on marketing spend.

Optimized Keyword Bids
Comprehensive Keyword Coverage
Higher Return on Marketing Spend