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Personalized Search Service


Search feature is the heart of any e-commerce company. A significant percentage of people prefer searching over navigation to find a product they are looking for. For repeat users, the Search is used even more since they know what they want. Most people do not navigate beyond second page,  so a lot of good products may not be shown enough. With specific search queries, these products could show up on the top and potentially are the products that the users are looking for.

Improve the search experience of your users by using our personalized search service. Based on user’s browsing history on the website, the search results are personalized for each user resulting in better user experience and potentially more conversions.

Personalized Search Workflow
  • We use Apache Solr for indexing and searching, which is highly scalable and fast. We have configured Solr and overridden some of the default capabilities for best results for e-commerce companies.
  • For indexing, we use all the product attributes that are available with the client like color, fabric, price and etc.
  • We assign different weights to the attributes depending upon their importance.
  • We monitor search queries by the users to discover more synonyms and stopwords for better accuracy of future search results. For example, saree & sari and payal & anklet are synonyms.
  • The search server is hosted on Amazon AWS cloud and so the availability is high.
Highly Relevant Search Results
Better User Experience
Higher Conversions