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Product Ranking Service


On any e-commerce website, the products placed on first few pages in any category are most important since most users do not browse beyond that. Displaying products with highest probability of sale on this limited real estate is vital for the business because that directly translates into sale numbers. Further new products are added to catalog periodically and without dynamic ranking, these new products could starve for visibility.

Increase the probability of sale by displaying products on category & search results page using product ranks calculated by our Product Ranking tool.

Product Ranking Workflow

Our tool uses machine learning techniques to calculate the rank of each product. We use the product attributes (e.g. price, color, fabric, style, occasion etc. in case of apparels) and product performance data (views, clicks, sell count, product rating etc.) to train our system and calculate the rank of each product. Higher ranked products have higher probability of sale.

The client can then integrate these ranks in their system. The ranking is run on a periodic basis for optimal results because there is new performance data being generated daily and new products are added to the catalog periodically.

Scientific Ranking Mechanism
Increased Click Through Rate
Higher Conversions