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Improve search engine rankings of your website on Google and other search engines for thousands of keywords using our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) scaling tool. Automating SEO and optimizing the landing pages for thousands of keywords will result in higher organic traffic for your website.

SEO Scaling Workflow

Most e-commerce companies focus on onsite and offsite SEO for head keywords but not for long tail keywords. “Red dress” or “blue shirt” keywords are considered head keywords while “red cotton dress” or “plain red polyester shirt” keywords are considered as long tail keywords. There is stiff competition for head keywords but less competition for long tail keywords.

Additionally, companies do not have relevant landing pages for long tail keywords. For example an apparel company could have a relevant landing page for “blue dress” keyword but not for “blue sleeveless dress” keyword. As a result, user may bounce off if they do not see the relevant products on the landing page. Having pages with much higher relevancy also boosts the rank in Google SEO.

We create dynamic pages for thousands of long tail keywords to improve the search engine rank of the website and the landing page experience for those keywords. The landing pages for each long tail keyword will be generated dynamically and the pages will be interlinked for a small subset of keywords giving the ability for Google to crawl all the pages. The dynamically generated static landing pages will be placed in the appropriate folder on the website server and refreshed periodically.

Better Search Engine Ranks
Higher Organic Traffic
Increased Revenue